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The project
Which four plants?

Twinflower (Linnaea borealis)
imageThis delicate creeping dwarf shrub is an iconic plant of native pinewoods in the northeast of Scotland. Direct loss and fragmentation of the pinewood habitat and unsuitable woodland and heathland management practices have confined this species to highly isolated populations, many of which set little or no seed each year, greatly limiting potential for recovery and spread. Read more.

Intermediate Wintergreen (Pyrola media)
imageThis evergreen perennial herb is an often overlooked treasure of our native pinewoods and dry heaths. Open, disturbed habitat is important for the establishment and spread of this species. Creation and maintenance of these conditions through targeted habitat management will help to conserve and enhance populations of this plant in the Cairngorms National Park, its UK stronghold. Read more.

Small Cow-wheat (Melampyrum sylvaticum)
imageThis hemi-parasitic annual with bright yellow flowers exists in just a few sites in the Cairngorms National Park and less than 20 in the whole of Scotland. The loss of upland broadleaved woodland habitat and the decline of wood ants, which act as a seed dispersal agent, have left remaining populations small and highly isolated with little prospect of recovery. Read more.

Lesser Butterfly-orchid (Platanthera bifolia)
imageThis beautiful white-flowered orchid can be found in only a handful of species-rich grassland sites in the Cairngorms National Park, but is more widespread in the north and west of Scotland. Agricultural improvement of rough grassland and inappropriate grazing and cutting management continue to threaten the long-term future of this species in the UK. Read more.

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